Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Worm Hotel

Today we built a worm hotel.

In this week's newsletter I asked families to bring in worms if they find any when they are out and about. It rained last night so this morning there were a lot of worms available.

One little guy arrived, hand behind back, telling me he brought something for breakfast.
Tada, a jar of worms, yum?

Later in the morning they reminded me they wanted to build the worm hotel so we got out the materials. I had found a kit with the special sand at a teacher's supply store.

Two families went to work building the hotel.

They started with a large jar and then placed a smaller one inside of it. (This is so the worms will be closer to the outside and hopefully we'll be able to watch them better.)

They layered the special sand with potting soil.

Added water and then put the worms in.

We talked about what worms eat and after mentioning about the compost and leaves they went outside to find some goodies.

While finding grass and leaves they found more worms.