Friday, January 27, 2012

Tray Play Week #4

This week's trays:
 Pom poms, tray with indents and tongs.
 You have to squeeze the handle to make the tongs open.
Then match one pom pom to one indent.
For a younger child that didn't quite have the grasping hold,
matching the pom poms to the indents was still great pleasure.
 Moon sand and tools.
The children love the feel of the moon sand,
and that it will pack together.
Marbles and what I call a 'marble tree'. 
I found it a thrift store and there are no markings on it 
of where or who made it.
But the children love it.
 You can drop a marble into any hole and listen to it drop,
watching for it to come out.
 It sounds like a rain stick.
From a drip with one marble to a shower with many marbles
Some children prefer starting at the very top 
while others tried in the middle.
The tray sitting on the table was too high for some of the little ones
so we placed it on a stool for easier access.
Sorting cats and dogs into their baskets.
Not as popular as the other three trays.