Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Painting on Ice

Our play trays this week contains watercolour paints, brushes and blocks of ice.
I put the blocks of ice on the trays about 20 minutes before I opened the centre
so they were somewhat melted when the families arrived.
Monday the school was fairly cold, after being closed for two weeks, so the
ice lasted quite awhile.
                      IMG_2256 (2)
That gave the children plenty of time to experiment with a good size block of ice.
As the morning progressed and the room warmed, there was more water on the
tray to really make a lot of colour.
The ice provides a slippery surface so the brush glides across it and the paint will
pool in any little holes or cracks.
It was a new experience for many and some children were fascinated with the
temperature of the ice and having the freedom to paint all over.