Monday, November 12, 2018

Who Lives in a Tree?

I built a tree around our tube stand and cut out some holes for our stuffed animals to live inside.
The Little One loved it!
The bird's nest is right at her level so that was the first stuffy to come out.
Once it was out she played with the flap, opening and closing it.
Then she decided to put her baby doll inside.
Next onto exploring the rest of the animals that live in a tree.
We have a fox, raccoon, deer, squirrels, chipmunk, skunk, eagle, robin, owl, crow and baby birds in a nest.

One day I caught her using her saw pretending to cut the hole.

I found these paint sticks at Michaels when I had a half off coupon.
We decided to try them out to colour our tree.
They work great.
They go on smooth, there is no dripping and they dry quickly.
While our tree dried we visited the Little One's cousins and went for a walk.
We saw these decorated trees.
All wrapped to keep them warm for winter?
 Back at home we had one more thing to do to our tree and that was to add some more leaves.
The Little One loves tape and had fun putting the leaves on, taking them off and putting them on again.
We think it looks pretty good.