Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fruit Salad ABCs

For Valentine's Day the families were asked to bring a piece of fruit to share 
in a fruit salad.
As an extra challenge I asked them to bring a fruit that starts with 
one of their initials.
Here's mine "Wagner's Watermelon"
"McLean's Mango"
"Strussi's Strawberries"
"Riley's Raspberries"
 "Abbi's Apple"
"Mira's Mandarins"
(When she arrived she informed me that they are oranges but
they are called mandarins.)

Some names were harder to match to a fruit.
 So I found this chart through a google search
and left it on the table.
It created great conversation.
Are an avocado and an eggplant really fruit?
And are jujube candies made from Jujube fruit?

With our fruit salad we enjoyed pink heart shaped pancakes.