Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Measuring our Planting a Promise Garden

Spring has sprung at our end of the country and believe it or not our flowers are
                                     starting to come up.

When we came back to school, from Christmas break, I noticed our Planting a Promise garden had tiny green shoots.  Our daffodils are sprouting.  Time to begin
                          jan 13 033
   I packed our nature bags with clipboard, a post it note, pencil and a ruler.
        jan 14 034  jan 21 015
                 This is our second week measuring the plants.
   Each family tried to find the same plant that they measured last week.
     jan 21 018 jan 21 021
Once they found it we were ready to mark it with a name stick so
                each week we’ll know which plants to measure.
                jan 21 036
Working with rulers is new for our children and one lesson we learned was to
          turn the ruler so the low numbers 1,2,3… started at the ground.
    jan 14 042  jan 21 037
After they counted how tall the sprout was they then recorded it on their
                                               post-it note.
jan 14 050 jan 21 027
                       Printing the number and drawing a picture. 
          jan 21 031
  This is our chart where we have been and will continue to record our findings.
                        jan 21 033
Each week we’ll check the growth and predict what number our plant will
                                   be at before we measure.
          jan 21 029   jan 21 030 
                  In one week the plants grew one centimeter.