Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stars for our Fairies

               dec 11 073
This morning several families ventured into Fairy Lane
to decorate it with the stars that we made yesterday.
dec 11 019 dec 11 020
It was raining a bit when we started but it didn’t slow us down.

dec 11 029 dec 11 023
Most of these families haven’t explored Fairy Lane before so it was
exciting for them to find the fairy doors for the first time.

dec 11 031 dec 11 028
As they discovered the doors they decided where to hang their stars. 

dec 11 074 dec 11 065 (2)
The stars are not very big, as you can see by the first picture.
But we're sure the fairies will see them.
dec 11 069 dec 11 066
Once the trees were decorated we stopped for a snack and story.
    dec 11 052
      dec 11 076
The Three Wishes was a perfect story to hear in this forest setting.
It is about a poor woodcutter who wishes that he could have better
clothing, home and food but none of his wishes come true till the day
he finds a very big oak tree.  
When he is about to cut it done a Tree Fairy appears and pleads for him
not to cut down her home. 
He agrees and is granted three wishes. 
But he accidentally misuses them.

        dec 11 032
 The children were excited to show me the web of stars they found.
The raindrops on the leaf skeleton do look like little stars.

        dec 11 070
I hope you have a chance to visit our Fairy Lane and feel free
to bring more cherished items to share with the fairies.