Sunday, January 26, 2014

Play Trays this Past Week

                 jan 17 039
     jan 20 025 jan 20 019
A venn diagram made from felt comparing where Arctic animals live, on snow,
                               in the water or both.

jan 17 040 jan 20 015
                                     Counting penguins. 
      I printed the numbered penguins from Children’s Learning Activities.

             jan 17 042
 jan 20 002 jan 22 003
                            A scale with jewels and tongs. 
These tongs work opposite then our other tongs or tweezers.  Instead of squeezing them together you have to use two hands to pull them apart, pick up the jewel and close.

         jan 17 043
 jan 20 016 jan 20 017 jan 20 018
                                    Little bears, die and grid. 
The child rolls the die, counts the dots then places that many bears on to the grid.
jan 20 022 jan 21 001
After the first day I modified it by cutting the grid down to show six squares.