Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sharing Butterflies with our Grand Friends

Today we took our butterflies to our Grand Friend's home.
Many of our friends from the extended care wing were gathered out in the garden.
We shared a butterfly fingerplay with them.
Then we sat in the middle of them and opened up the butterfly container.
One butterfly flew up and landed on the little girl in pink.
She didn't notice but the rest of did.
 We started taking the butterflies out.
I tried picking them up with sticks but our fingers worked better.
What a wonderful experience to share between young and old.
We had some success lifting and carrying them with sticks.
Then we discovered that the butterflies were happy to be lifted out
on the orange slices.
Meanwhile this little fellow was still walking around the circle sharing his butterfly.
The butterflies were comfortable to stop and rest in many places
on those that watched.
When all the butterflies were released a few children noticed a caterpillar crawling 
on the bottom of the container.
We carefully picked it up and moved it to the garden.
We also noticed a couple more chrysalis still intact.
We'll take them back to school.
This is a favourite time of year for all of us.