Monday, December 12, 2016

Tray Play

We haven't done play trays in awhile so I made up these bins.
 Little babies in different positions buried in confetti.
 The children have to dig in the confetti to find all the babies
then match them to the correct picture.
Gingerbread cookies and stockings in coloured salt.
They loved digging in the salt to find all the pieces.
 Matching them to the pictures
not necessarily in order.
Buttons in bread clips was a challenge.
 It took a lot of focus to search through the bread clips.
The easy part was matching the different size buttons to the right picture.
The easiest tray was a colour match.
Search through the pom poms to find the colours and place them on 
the same coloured light.
I like seeing evidence of the grown ups playing
and being great role models.