Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Does It Fit?

I created another activity I thought toddlers would enjoy.
 I taped different size tubes around the outside edge of this table.
On the table there were lots of things to drop into the tubes;
pom poms, balls, and corks.
I noticed that most toddlers started at one tube 
and dropped as much as they could through it.
Until they found a ball that wouldn't fit.
Sometimes they would force it in till it became stuck.
I spotted this child trying to stick her hand down into the tube 
to get the ball.
So we found a tool (a yardstick) that she could use to poke until
everything came out the bottom.
When an older child found a ball that didn't fit they
walked around the table trying all the tubes
till they found one that it would drop
The tubs, baskets and cans underneath the tubes were an attraction too.
They were placed to catch everything but sometimes
they would get kicked out of the way.
Or purposefully picked up to be dumped
like this child did.