Thursday, January 10, 2013

“I Spy Nature” in Action

jan 10 034
This morning we went on our first nature walk of 2013.
We used our new “I Spy Nature” pouches.
The children loved wearing them.

jan 8 039
Our outing was to a marsh to feed birds so the pouches included;
 jan 8 040 jan 8 041
a clip board with pictures of birds that have been spotted at this marsh before,
a small container of bird seed and
jan 8 042
a small water colour paint pallet that I found at Dollar Giant.
The cup is for water that I will carry in a small thermos.

jan 10 093 jan 10 097
jan 10 098  jan 10 100
Once we had our bags and checked the contents we were ready to go.

jan 10 102
It was a beautiful day, sun shining, little wind and lots of birds.
jan 10 038 jan 10 110
jan 10 108 jan 10 044
The birds were quick flying around but some did land on our hands.
jan 10 039 jan 10 105
And the birds were sneaky.
jan 10 112  jan 10 113
He puts the seed in the feeder, watches, then as he turns away a bird arrives.
jan 10 114
As soon as turn backs to see, it flies away.

jan 10 115
After checking off which birds we saw we headed to the marsh.
jan 10 047 (2) jan 10 051
We saw ducks, stellar jays, black birds and evidence that a beaver
had been there
before us.
        jan 10 062
jan 10 057  jan 10 130
We were ready to pull out the paints to document the birds we saw.
jan 10 131  jan 10 132
We talked about the paintings with each other, trying to remember the names
of the birds.

  jan 10 064
It’s great to be outside learning together.