Friday, January 14, 2011

A Snowstorm in Screen Painting

Today we brought out our new screens for painting. My husband made these frames for me from old picture frames and window screening. He stapled the screening onto the back of the frame so it would be nice and taut.I also found this old kitchen splatter screen.But they needed grown up help to use it. I thought it was good coordination practice.
Under the screens the children could place shaped sponges or shaped foam pieces. Most of the children used toothbrushes but I also had available a big scrubbing brush. Not the easiest to use.
The idea is to brush the paint over the screen so it would splatter down on to the paper below and if there is an object below then when removed you could see the outline.
However most of the children enjoyed coating the screen with as much paint as possible. Not really concerned (or aware) of the effect that was happening under the screen.
When the screens were removed some still wanted to continue painting with the brushes.

The difference in age and ability is apparent in the finished project.

Both are beautiful and pleasure was had in the making by all.