Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ice Cream Shop

A little while ago I added planters to our cardboard house.
We started with flowers and pinwheels in them. 
 Then one of the children mentioned ice cream.
So I grabbed some small funnels and she collected pom poms from the art area.
And that was the beginning of our Ice Cream Shop
I'm always amazed how things show up when we need them before
we know we need them.
As we were playing with ice cream, a family asked if I wanted 
their lemonade stand.
I rarely say no to an offer and this was a perfect addition to our classroom.
I set it up beside our house so the children
could transfer from one box to the other.
A cash register was added as well as other ice cream props.
It was a busy shop.
With lots of customers
and hard workers.