Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beach Art

may 7 051
Sometimes there are issues that mean it’s best not to be at school. 
This morning there was a big event using our parking lot which meant
there would be no parking for our families so we spent the morning
at the beach.
may 7 006  may 7 094
We spent some time creating Beach Art. 
I started it by drawing a mermaid in the sand.
may 7 005  may 7 008
As the families arrived they helped finish the mermaid.
may 7 042  may 7 046
And dress her. may 7 054

But then they began their own pieces of art.
may 7 013 may 7 016
A sail boat riding on the waves
may 7 030 may 7 095
became a pirate ship by the end of the morning.
may 7 021 may 7 026
A very bright sunshine.
may 7 039 may 7 031
A crab with really long legs,
may 7 023  may 7 024
Simple designs in the sand and
may 7 035 may 7 063
sand castles.

may 7 087 may 7 102
“Mermaid Dreams” by Mark Sperring was great to read after finishing
our mermaid.  She had shells and green hair just like our mermaid.
may 7 055  may 7 089

We were happy to leave our art behind for others to discover
as they walk the beach.
      may 7 011
We’ll be visiting a different beach next Tuesday because our
school will be busy as a voting station for the election. 
           I think we'll go crabbing.