Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Since we have snails in our little garden I decided to set up this provocation
                                    focusing on spirals.
The trays are covered with sand and there are small containers holding different
                          loose materials beside each of them.
                I also printed various images of spirals that I Googled.

I discovered that the sand just scattered everywhere so I made a change for day
I drew spirals on paper and laminated them.  The children then placed the items; toothpicks, shells, flat marbles and coloured stones, around, on or within the lines.

The second week I changed it again, taking away the silver trays and replacing them
                                            with turntables.
      A mixture of markers and coloured pencils were offered with paper.
Drawing on the paper while spinning the turntable was a challenge for some of the
                              children and their grown up helped.
This also allowed them to experiment with the drawing tools, like using two at a
The pictures above shows two children, different ages, able to spin and draw at the same time.  What skill do they have or have learned that allows them to do this when others can’t?

                                Having fun and being creative!