Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pond Water and Patience

This week at the pond we were still hopeful of finding frog eggs or tadpoles.
We spent time walking along the shore line checking in the grasses for frog spawn but no luck.  This is our fourth week visiting the pond and it's exciting to see the children race to the water ready to explore.

We didn't find any frog eggs but we did scoop water into two containers and
                          spent a bit of time looking at it.
    IMG_2800 IMGP2930
    We used our loupes to get a closer look.  This is what we saw.
At first we thought it was a stick stuck to the bug so I picked it up to have a look.  Using the loupes I saw that it was a white stripe down it’s back.  Then surprising all of us, the bug jumped high into the air and was gone.

The children were losing interest in looking at the water but the grown ups had patience and as I was thinking about dumping it back into the pond they noticed…
         four of these bugs crawling out from under the old leaf.
 DSCN3011 DSCN3010
Using our Bugs of British Columbia guide we learned that the bug is a Damselfly Larva.  I decided to bring them back to school to observe for awhile.

This week I also wanted to start talking more about the beaver lodge.  You
                 can see it behind us in the picture below.
 We sat for a snack and I read the story “Little Beaver and the Echo”.
IMGP2942 IMGP2940
Then we brought out books about beavers for the children to read together,
             researching about how the beaver makes the lodge.

            We learned that the lodge is made with sticks and mud.
          DSCN2999  DSCN3009
         We drew a quick picture as a reference for next week.

   We finished the visit using binoculars to get a better look at the
                          lodge across the pond.
               All packed and ready to head back to school.