Friday, June 12, 2015

Spud Celebration 2015

We shared two of our tubs of spuds with two other classes in our school.  Today we all came together to celebrate our harvest.  In total we grew 200 potatoes in 5 tubs, that’s pretty awesome.
Before school I boiled the potatoes and left them for the children to mash.  The other classes were doing the same.  Our plan - use them to make Mashed Potato Sundaes.
We set up in our multi-purpose room.  Bowls of mashed potatoes ready on one table and two other tables holding all the Sundae toppings.

The toppings included…
When all was ready we gathered together and talked about our project.  How many potatoes we planted?  How we took care of them?  And how many potatoes we harvested from each tub.
Time to make our sundaes and eat.
I really enjoy sharing this project with other classes so we can come together
                  and enjoy what we have grown and learned together.