Wednesday, September 26, 2018

My Airplane

This month our Little One has been on an airplane three times.
Late last month I started bringing books about airplanes and airports and reading them with her.
She had her first flight and when it was still fresh in her memory we built a plane of her own to fly.
If you have a little one still in diapers then you probably have a lot of empty diaper boxes just like in this house.  
They are the perfect size for infants and toddlers to play in.
The walls are not too tall so they can climb over them to get in and out, all by themselves.
And they are easy to cut to create anything that our imaginations can design.
Today it's an airplane.
Mom is adding a steering wheel with a cardboard tube and a lid from a yogurt container.
She is pretending how to 'drive' the plane.
A day later she discovers that this steering wheel will slide in and 'out' (as she says).
Watch how she focuses to put the tube back through the hole.
The hole is the natural handle slot in the box.
We added a few props from my airport kit.
A behind the seat pocket that holds emergency instructions and later on a barf bag that they brought home from one of their flights.
We filled a Kleenex box with old plastic grocery bags for a seat and added an old belt for a seat belt.
The seat belt was her favourite thing.
Which was not surprising because she loves to click every belt she sees.
Her high chair, car seat, back pack and stroller.  
That is her job and she won't let you move on until she has done it up.
It's a good skill to know.
I look forward to when she is strong enough to unclip them herself.