Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ready Set Learn

Ready Set Learn is an initiative by the Ministry of Education to support children’s early learning and to help families make connections with the school system and local community agencies.  In our district the StrongStart Facilitators help plan and implement Ready Set Learn events in all the elementary schools.  I participated in three this week.  Here is a glimpse of what was planned.

The activities were planned around the book “What a Treasure!” nov 19 041             nov 19 042

After reading the story to the group the families rotated through several centres. 
          nov 19 066
One centre was to retell the story using pictures on a magnetic board.

At each centre a tip sheet was provided for parents to take home.  These were copied from a parent’s handbook that the ministry use to provide.

nov 19 040 nov 19 037
nov 19 038 nov 19 039
          nov 19 064
This activity encouraged recognition of the numerals as well as counting.

 nov 19 045 nov 19 044
Various books about treasure were available to enjoy.

nov 19 047 nov 19 046
                nov 19 071
An opportunity for the parents to observe how their children interacted with the props provided.

Getting Along with Others
nov 19 057  nov 19 056
      nov 19 061
The children and parents took turns playing a matching game.

Talking and Singing
nov 19 049 nov 19 048
           nov 19 072
We were listening to the songs that I recorded into qr codes.

Healthy Snacks
nov 19 036 nov 19 035
       nov 20 020
Snack time incorporated literacy and numeracy skills by recognizing the shapes of the ABC pretzels, by sorting the fish crackers by colour and counting the raisins and orange sections.  Another focus was on independence by encouraging the children to try to peel the orange themselves.

At the end the children could pick a book to take home but first they crawled through a tunnel like the mole in the book.
   nov 19 073 nov 19 074

The pictures for retelling the story and for the matching game were found here.