Monday, January 6, 2014

Laundry Time

jan 6 001 jan 6 003
I was busy over the holidays making a new toy, a washing machine.
It's simply made from a cardboard box, a basket, milk jug caps and tape.
I really enjoy making toys from recyclables and cardboard boxes are easy
                             to get and very versatile.
I was inspired to make the washing machine from this post at Craftster.

          jan 6 002
One corner of our classroom has been transformed into a laundry room. 
                  It has clothes to sort into bins,
           jan 6 025
                a rack to hang the clothes to dry,
           jan 6 023 
                      and a ironing board.

The children spent a lot of time this morning figuring out how to use it.
   The lid was too floppy so I added the ribbon this afternoon.
    jan 6 020
     jan 6 028
              jan 6 038
The washing machine will probably find a permanent spot in our
         house play area in a couple of weeks. 

Have you used a cardboard box to make something in your program? 
Do you have a favourite blog that recycles boxes into toys that you can share?