Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sensory Table – Wooden Board Idea 2

Week two at the sensory table using the piece of wood that my husband made. 
I placed funnels in the holes in the wood and partially filled the tub with water.
  IMG_2097 IMG_2146
The children and grown ups loved it.  Scooping up water and pouring it into the funnels over and over.  The water disappeared through the funnels but there didn’t seem to be much interest in where it was going.
     IMG_2107 IMG_2105
I saw a couple of adaptations; the first was using a chopstick to prop a smaller funnel above the larger funnel.  With this structure the children could see the water run from the small to the big funnel then disappear.
IMG_2118 IMG_2117
The second adaptation had the funnels stacked inside each other with the chopstick coming out the bottom.  This structure slowed the progress of the water through the funnels and allowed them time to see the water coming out the bottom.