Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Different Kind of Tree

A couple of weeks ago I set up this art activity that stayed up for just over a week; inviting the children to use watercolours to paint paper cut into Christmas lightbulb shapes.
The easels are little cardboard bookstands from Scholastic.  Our school librarian gave some to me after our school book fair.
The paint palettes I found at a thrift store, still in great shape.  Little cups of water provide the opportunity to observe how colours mix.
I had thought that we would string the light bulbs up in the window but the paint was not as dark as I had thought.  So instead we used the photo tree and clipped them on to it to become a second Christmas tree in our room.
By Christmas break the tree was full and there was a pile of paintings littering the table.
What I always enjoy the most is seeing parent and child creating together and learning side by side.