Monday, April 24, 2017


Last week we visited the pond.
But before we went at school we played with a pond.
We talked about all the different animals that might live at a pond.
At the pond we focused on beavers.
We enjoyed a StoryWalk through the mud.
 Page to page the children read the pictures and told us
what was happening.
We looked for evidence that beavers were here.
There is still a bit of their home across the pond but I don't think it has
been lived in for a few years.
Back at school the next day I changed our play dough table.
Brown play dough, sticks, rocks and animals were provided to invite
the children to play.
It was cool to see the children discover that they could make 
animal tracks in the dough (pretend mud).
Or structures for the animals to sit in or hide under.