Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sandbox Continued

The corn plants didn’t last past the first hour this morning.  But as I watched I learned that one child was digging to look for worms.  Luckily I had some fake worms in the storage room.
Adding the worms allowed me to learn more about the little boy.  He is shy with me, not much eye contact and no talking.  As I brought the worms out his mom explains that he loves worms and shared a few stories.  When I handed him a water bottle I received a big smile.  Then I heard him sharing ‘words’ with his mom as he enjoyed the play.
  Other children joined in, collecting worms and spraying the sand.
I have a surprise for tomorrow morning.  I received a message this afternoon that our worm composter has arrived and that there is a bucket of worms waiting in the fridge for us.  Can’t wait to open the bucket with the families.