Monday, September 10, 2012

Signal Flags for Our Ship

We have a ship in our classroom.
It changes from a row boat to a sailboat to a pirate ship to which ever ship we can imagine.
sept 10 093     sept 7 001
More on our boat play another day.

Today we made signal flags to decorate the boat.
Again I found great library books that had coloured pictures of signal flags that led to discussion and understanding of their role on a ship.  We found the flag that represented the first letter in our names.
sept 10 010  sept 10 012
We used little pill boxes to hold our paints and small paint brushes.
sept 10 002
In the past, I’ve noticed that by keeping the instruments small the children are more precise and controlled in their painting.
sept 10 079   sept 10 074
As they finished painting we hung them with clothes pegs from the ropes above the ship.
           sept 10 087
The ship looks great.
                      sept 10 088