Thursday, May 7, 2015

Coloured Salt

We had been playing with thistle seed in the sensory bin for a month when I felt it was time for a change.
I thought of salt because it’s inexpensive and it can be coloured.  It was very easy to dye.  In a large tub I placed the salt and several drops of food colouring then using my hands I rubbed the colour through the salt.  It worked great and surprisingly didn’t stain my hands.
                    With 8 kg of salt I made 4 colours. 
            It looked very attractive for a very short time.
The coloured salt was a hit.  I love the size of this pool because a lot of children and adults can fit around it at the same time.
             After one session the colours were all blended .
It’s still very attractive.  The light colour, after using the dark thistle seed, gave a fresh feeling.  The salt doesn’t spread around the floor as much as the seed did, a bonus.