Friday, December 23, 2016

Pegkin Project Complete

Here is the second half of our Pegkins Project.
It has been so much fun meeting a new Pegkin each day
and hearing their story from the child who created it
Pegkin #11 Peppa
by Talia and Mom
Peppa lives in Talia's backyard and protects the bunny from raccoons.
She has magic dust to spread around.
Peppa only eats berries and she drinks the rain.
Pegkin #11 Serena, The Fairy Godmother
by Delfina
Serena, the Fairy Godmother with her friends Glenda and Celia help children.
She protects them when they need it and also sprinkles magic on them.  Serena's particular assignment is to protect the children of the Comox Valley.
Her favourite things are starry nights, snow and pizza.
Pegkin #12 Cinderella
by Victoria and Mom
Cinderella lives in a tower and castle with a bad witch.
The prince came to save her from the witch.
She likes to eat boiled eggs and apples.
She swings on a swing.
Pegkin #13 Sparkles the Snow Fairy
by Avery and Mom
Sparkles the Snow Fairy was born on the first snow day we had this winter.
She likes to eat foods the same colour as snow; popcorn, vanilla ice cream, yogurt, marshmallows, cauliflower and white chocolate.
She likes to play in the snow making snow angels and snowmen
and sledding down the driveway.
Pegkin #14 Princess Green
by Ayla and Grandma
Princess Green lives in the North Pole.
She is a baker for Santa Claus.
She makes cookies and candies for him to eat.
She's very old with white hair and has been around for a long time.
Princess Green is very nice and sweet.
Pegkin #15 Batman
by Cairo and Mom
Batman rescues people from the bad guy.
He drives the Batmobile really fast.
Batman can fly, run fast and jump big.
Pegkin #16 Maureen
by Kendyl and Mom
Maureen likes gingerbread.
She plays and runs and eats.
Her favourite things to eat are treats.
Maureen lives in a gingerbread house and she took a boat, and a train to her house.
She even does everything.
Pegkin #17 Bill and Ben
by Ben and Grandma and Grandpa
Bill and Ben
Bill and Ben
Bill and Ben
are flowerpot men.
Pegkin #18 BB8
by Emma, Sam and Mom
BB8 lives in Starwars Land.  He loves exploring with his friends and rolling around until he gets dizzy.  He likes to meet new people and his favourite food is Starwars cereal.
Pegkin #19 Elfie
by Meadow and Mom
Elfie is one of Santa's helpers.
He is 77 years old.
He helps Santa with presents and toys.
Elfie's favourite food is popcorn.
Pegkin #20 Grandma Rose
by Charlie and Mom
Grandma Rose is 100 years old.
Her favourite food is pancakes.
She lives in Comox, Vancouver Island and she loves to colour and sing with her grandchildren.
Grandma Rose's favourite time of year is Christmas so she can build a snowman and make cookies.
A last minute pegkin was created by Jordyn.
She used materials from the craft shelf and surprised us with 
Pegkin #21 Nutmeg
by Jordyn and Mom
Nutmeg lives in a gingerbread house.
He goes to work at the military to make his family money.
His wife is called Nutgirl, his son is Nutboy and his two girls are Nutwoman and Nutwoman.
When he's not working he likes to play with his 3 kids and build a snowman.
Pegkin #22 Gingie
by Maureen
Gingie has traveled the world.
She saw wonderful places and met a lot of fun people.
She would like to thank everyone who helped send her post cards back to StrongStart.

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Countdown Calendar for Play

It's hard to tell from this picture but this calendar is made from 
a metal mini 24 cupcake pan.
Christmas cards were cut down and attached to self adhesive magnets
to cover the holes.
In each hole I placed small erasers
star, tree and stocking shapes.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hanging Bells

A simple stand from IKEA and bowls of bells with strings attached
made for great eye hand coordination play.
So focused.
Look at how his fingers are holding the string.
Figuring how to open the string to be able to hang it.

Working with a big buddy
playing and sharing
builds a trusting relationship.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Pita Christmas Tree for Snack

A simple snack to make with your little one.
Pita bread, avocado, carrot sticks and raisins.
For other decorations you could use cheerios, peppers, grated cheese.
What would your child like as a topping?

Monday, December 19, 2016

A Tree Puzzle

My husband made another toy for us.
A stacking wooden tree puzzle.
I put it out, in the block corner, about two weeks ago and
it was pretty much ignored.
So today I set it up in the middle of the classroom 
on a soft green blanket.
The children were attracted to it,
especially toddlers.
I like how the parents were close by to encourage,
assist when needed
or to suggest ways to take the wood pieces off.

Watch how this little one figures out how to take the wood off the post.
He got the first one off after his mom suggested holding the ends 
and lifting.
The next he tried pulling at one end
but it wouldn't work.
 In fact it lifted the whole stand off the floor.
His mom again recommended to hold the ends and lift.
He sat down and tried it.
He got it all the way to the top but couldn't reach any farther
so it dropped down to the base again.
He stood up and tried it again and successfully got it off.
The more it is played with the easier the wood slides on and off the post.