Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sand Foam

Have you made Sand Foam yet?  I was inspired to try it from blogger PagingFunMums.  Especially since it is only 2 ingredients and we have lots
of sand on hand.
The second ingredient is shaving cream.  PagingFunMums said the the recipe
was 3 cups of sand to one can of shaving cream.  We didn't use a full can of shaving cream.
We put the 3 cups of sand in our big bowl then gradually added the shaving
cream till we thought it was a great consistency.
       But it became too wet so we had to add a bit more sand.
I expected the texture to still feel gritty because of the sand but it became
silky smooth.
        After mixing it we transferred it to individual trays at the table.
As it sat in the open air it dried out slightly so we added more shaving cream which allowed any new child to join experience the mixing.   Some were hesitant
to get their hands wet.
A stick helped her get involved and encouraged us to bring out more materials.
Shells and stones were added to the sticks then we went out for a walk in the forest to collect more.
We found pinecones, evergreen and cedar boughs, bark and maple tree seeds.
We began exploring how to build fairy homes with these materials.

Overall the sand foam didn’t last very long in the open air.  PagingFunMums did say, in the comment section, that it would last several days if sealed in a container.  We may try it again.