Saturday, October 26, 2013

Autumn Jars

A few weeks ago one of my families came in and told me about sensory jars that they had made at home.  They sound just like ones I had seen on Pinterest and found at Blog Me Mom
                  oct 23 044
So I started asking families to save small jars for us to create our own jars. 
          oct 24 037
We already had nature materials like, mini cones, maple seeds, sticks, hazelnut
pods on our art shelves.
oct 24 023  oct 24 025
The children picked the items they wanted in their jar then added a squirt of oil.
   oct 24 028 oct 24 031
Filled up their jars with water then added one drop of red colouring and three
                          drops of yellow food colouring.
            oct 24 027
The grown ups encouraged the children to watch how the food dye moved
                                   through the water.
                    oct 24 032
After putting the lid on tight the children shook the jar and discovered a
                                       new colour.
oct 24 038 oct 24 063
Each time they shook their jar it changed the insides.  The nature items would
                           shift and the oil would make little bubbles.

    oct 24 069
They held it up to the window and noticed that how the light filtered through.