Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Holidays

School is now out for me and I'll be closed for two months.
The last few days I've been very busy sorting, cleaning and organizing the rooms.

As you can see the rooms are pretty well cleared (so the custodians can wash and wax the floors).  This is done every June and I dread it until it's almost done.  Then I start getting excited about how the room will look in the fall.  What changes will be made?  Should centres be moved around for better flow or more communication and interaction between the children, their grown ups or the families?  What ideas will the children and their families bring? 

A colleague of mine was showing me her pile of summer reading and one book caught my eye, Inspiring Spaces for Young Children.  It is a beautiful book full of colourful photos that is truly inspiring.  There is a page on Facebook called Inspired by Inspiring Designs and I'm hoping that it will prove to be as good as the book.

Another book that I picked up is called Young Investigators The Project Approach in the Early Years, by Judy Harris Helm and Lilian Katz.  I'm looking forward to taking sometime off before digging into the book later in August.

I'm off blogging for the next two months but will be back in September when school reopens.