Saturday, May 21, 2016

Writing Our Own StoryWalk

Last week we got together with our big buddies and decided to 
write our own StoryWalk.
We started with this book.
The book is about a child that goes for a walk and sees different animals
that end up following her.
 Ms Seymour read the book to the buddies.
She's great at reading books.  She draws the children in with voices, sounds,
questions and asking for predictions.
I created a story page for the buddies to fill in together.
 They had to each think of an animal then combine it to make a 
new animal with a new name.
Some animal combinations that they created were...
cow + bunny = bow
snail + beaver = sneaver
giraffe + snail = gerfidale
elephant + pig = elipig
cow + horse = coworse
whale + pigeon = wigen
duck + cat+ butterfly = ducatfly
cat + monkey = catonkey

Next week we will do a StoryWalk and follow this story around the playground.