Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A New Fairy Woods

One of our former parents is a teacher at a neighbouring school.  Her class created fairy doors to put in the forest beside their school.  Today we went in search of the doors.
It was a beautiful day to run through the forest checking behind
                       all the trees and stomps.
This woods has lots of trails to wander and big stumps to climb on, a natural playground.  The children searched and searched and some reported they found 9 doors while others found 11.

DSCN3096 IMG_3460
After counting we gathered in an opening beside a big stump so I could
                     introduce our project for the day. 
       Each child could make their own fairy garden to take home. 
Provided were a small bowls of soil, sliced pieces of cork, bottle caps, jewels
                                        and moss.
   IMG_3461 IMG_3499
   The children also collected sticks, stones, and pine cones off the ground.
                  Then they began to put their gardens together.
                       Getting more items as they created.
      Each garden is unique according to what attracted the child.
Because we used live moss they gave their a spray of water when they
                                   were finished.

But we weren’t finished yet.
DSCN3108 IMG_3430
                  I introduced Fairy Wishes to the children. 
If you blow just a few Wishes over your gardens then maybe fairies will move in.
I demonstrated blowing the wishes and as the dandelion fluff separated and
they spiraled done to the ground they kind of look like little fairies.
         A good blow and lots of wishes all over his garden.

Fairies didn’t arrive but I did have a little gnome for each garden.
  IMG_3496 IMG_3494 IMG_3495 IMG_3497
                    A wee little home for the gnome.
Hopefully the fairies and the gnomes will be comfortable in their new gardens.