Monday, February 24, 2014

February Play Trays

           jan 27 035
jan 27 023jan 27 034
                        Stacking panda dolls.
Take a part, line up by size and count then fit back inside each other.

jan 27 025jan 27 028
Ice cube tray, balls and melon baller.  Scooping and transferring.

        jan 27 024
I Spy jar with 26 items matching each letter of the alphabet.

feb 3 005feb 3 019
                                    Dress the knight.
Play mobile toys to take apart then re-dress and match to a photo.

    Metal heart pans, jewels, beads and small pincher tongs.

       feb 3 006
feb 3 016 IMG_0932
                A zen garden to rake.
Jewels from another tray were added during the week.

IMG_1109 IMG_0978
    Fit the shoes/boots/slippers into the right size box.