Monday, January 25, 2016

Day 1 Literacy Week - Reading a Recipe

This Wednesday, January 27th is national Family Literacy Day.  
Our school has decided to provide literacy events all week.
This morning, at StrongStart, I decided we would  bake 
Cranberry Banana Muffins.
This is our recipe ready for the children to read.
We had a small enthusiastic group ready to bake this morning.
They started by adding the applesauce and sugar together.
Then we prepared our bananas.
On the website, Mess for Less, where the recipe for Cranberry Banana Bread is found had their children
mash the banana, in a baggie, with their hands.
It's a perfect way.  
The children loved it and the parents were impressed with the idea.
I'm sure a few of them will try it the next time they are baking with bananas.
Next we added the eggs.
Two children had the opportunity to crack open the eggs.
The others were fascinated with the process.
Then they took turns to beat the eggs with our special whisking tool.
We mixed it all together and checked the next ingredient card.
Time to add the flour and baking soda,
dried cranberries and white chocolate chips,
(there was a ripple of excitement when they saw the chocolate)
and do a final mix together.
The easiest way to fill the mini muffin pans is to use a small ice cream scoop.
It's fun and it works their muscles and coordination.
Into the oven for about 15 minutes.
The school smelled wonderful and inviting.
The recipe made 48 mini muffins plus one regular sized muffin.
The taste test from one of the bakers.
They all disappeared so I would say the recipe is a keeper.
I left the recipes cards on the snack table,
for those children that arrived after we baked.