Friday, May 4, 2018

April Brought Spring

I found this wonderful board book to share with our little one about Spring.
It inspired us to look for signs of spring while we were out on our walks.
We began to see little flowers in the grass.
A lot more birds.
And we could see the wind move by the leaves dancing by.
It was wonderful to watch this tree bud out.
Each time we walked by we stopped to see what was different.  Then one day we noticed the shells of the pods on the ground,
the blossoms were beginning to emerge.
Then one day they were big and beautiful.
Another day we stopped and picked the petals, that had fallen from the tree, up off the sidewalk.
There were days that she wanted to take her basket so we collected bits of nature.
Like this big stick.  Will it fit in her basket?
No, but lots of other things did.
Of course she found lots of puddles to stomp in.
Lately we've started to see bugs, like this pill bug (roly poly, wood bug, whichever you call it)
ants on the sidewalk and bees in the flowers.
A snail is living just outside our front door and we check on it everyday.
Yesterday we spotted our first mushroom.
Oh and the dandelions are very attractive to the little one.
Her Opa showed her how to blow wishes with the seeds and she is still practicing.
Little fairy wishes waiting to sail away.
What will we see next?