Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 First Visit to Fairy Lane

                        jan 9 053
The weather is dreary and no lovely white snow to brighten the day so this morning we made sparkly dangles to hang in Fairy Lane.
                    jan 8 041
   jan 9 003 jan 9 010
We closed early and drove to the Lerwick Woods which is home to our Fairy Lane.
 jan 9 093 jan 9 046
 I handed out our nature bags that held clip board and crayons and each
        child had a dangle to hang somewhere in the woods.
    jan 9 021 jan 9 034
There were shouts of glee as they spotted a door and they were off and running.
 jan 9 045 jan 9 054
Other fairy supporters have been leaving doors, houses, treasures and more
              so we made sure to search behind every tree and log.
   jan 9 051 jan 9 055
                    We found a group of fairies having a party.
           It looked like they had been celebrating the new year.
        jan 9 024 jan 9 029
The children chose their spot to hang the dangle and were off to find more doors.
jan 9 032 jan 9 066
            Some time was spent drawing and creating stories.
   jan 9 043 jan 9 068
A bonus to our visit today was to check the pumpkins that we left
                      after Halloween last October.
                jan 9 026
This painted jack o’lantern was knocked to the ground and is very
                         rotten.  It looks very flat now.
jan 9 035 jan 9 064
     Some of the whole pumpkins have nibble marks and others were
                 smashed with their seeds spilled about. 
    I wonder if new pumpkins will grow in Fairy Lane this coming summer?