Monday, December 8, 2014

What Happened to Fairy Lane?

The past few weeks we have focused on creating fairies and building homes for them.  This came about because Fairy Lane has been removed by our city’s park department.  There was a complaint and the city didn't know why it was there so they collected all the doors and houses.
It was devastating for many of us so we began to investigate the forest by our school as a possible new location. This time we want to use as many natural materials to build the homes so we collected sticks and more in the forest by our school. 
The first week the art area was really busy with each family making a house to take home.  These homes are for their own gardens.
                              They are amazing creations.

The second week was for making fairies.  Old fashioned clothespins were used
                for the bodies and all the materials on our shelves.
It has been an amazing two weeks of creating and learning more about fairies
and what their homes could look like.

It has also been a month of talking with our City’s park manager about Fairy Lane.  Why it was started and what it means to the many families that visit.  They have agreed that it can be rebuilt with a few guidelines.  Hopefully in the next few months we will continue to create more homes to place in Fairy Lane.