Friday, May 17, 2013

Bus Project - Part 2

Then the big day arrived for our ride on the real city bus.
may 13 004_thumb[5] may 13 010_thumb[4]
As we walked to the bus stop the rain started to pour but it didn’t
hinder the excitement.  As the grown ups huddled under umbrellas
the children danced around.

may 13 014_thumb[6] may 13 025_thumb[5]
It was standing room only as the families filled the bus.
may 13 026_thumb[5] may 13 023_thumb[6]
As we traveled around the city the children pointed to the many
places they recognized.  The favourite was the swimming pool.
may 13 041  may 13 029
Half away through our trip we had to transfer to another bus.
That was exciting learning how to safely step off the bus and
say hi to the new bus driver.
may 13 034_thumb[7] may 13 039_thumb[4] may 13 040_thumb[7]
To help us build on our cardboard bus at school, we checked
out the different parts on this bus.  The handles the parents were
holding while they stood and the button to let the driver know
we wanted to stop.

Next is a visit to the bus yard.