Friday, February 24, 2012

Wet Felted Eggs

We tried wet felting for the first time at StrongStart.
I took a workshop last fall and really enjoyed it.
Then I found this blog that makes it real easy to do with little children.
We made felt eggs.
Unfortunately the little containers I bought did not seal tight
so we had to wrap them in paper towel.
This little guy will show you how to make them.
 Pick your felt and put it in the container
that is about half full of soapy water.
(You do not need much soap)
 Put the lid on tight.
 Shake, shake, shake some more.
This was the perfect time to talk about directions.
Shake it up and down, back and forth, side to side.
And then you have your egg.
At the other end of the craft table we made these little nests for our eggs.
 Start with shredded wheat.
And break it into little pieces.
Add glue and mix together and shape into a ball.
We used our thumb to press an indent into the middle.
Just the right size for our egg to sit in.
I wasn't sure how this activity would go but the children and the grown ups
really enjoyed it.
 It drew children in that normally didn't do crafts.
This little boy really liked making the eggs
but wasn't interested in making a nest.