Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hibernation to Spring

While focusing on hibernation we started to talk about
when do we know it is spring.
feb 1 005
We talked about which animals hibernate and which don’t. 
We talked about when the animals would wake. 
What signs of spring would we see?
     feb 7 049
When these children were helping the bears to come out
of their cave, I asked them that question. 
M responded by looking at the tree beside the cave
and saying “we see buds’.
feb 7 061
So with just ten minutes left in the morning she pulled
the tree over to the art area. 
I pulled out tissue paper and they got to work.
feb 7 068 feb 7 065
After they cut or ripped the paper they crumpled it into balls
and we hot glued it to the branches.
feb 7 071  feb 7 072
When it was clean up time we left the materials for others to continue