Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Seuss lets us see…

     feb 26 120
     A new book “I Can Read with my Eyes Shut!”
         inspired this craft to decorate glasses.
           feb 26 119
    A fun way to read; “I can read in red, I can
    read in blue, I can read in pickle colour too'”.
  feb 27 030
  Ways to decorate with feathers, pom poms and stickers. 
feb 27 010  feb 27 018
      Colour; some chose blue, some chose yellow,
            feb 27 008
  and new colours;  some blended to make pickle colour.

   For those that weren’t interested in making their own glasses,
              I brought out our collection of glasses.
 feb 26 122
feb 27 002  feb 27 022
                I saw moments of wonderful play happen. 
                  Children trying on glasses themselves. 
      Discovering how they feel resting on the ears and nose. 
                     And how they look in the mirror.
feb 27 033  feb 27 034
       Others were happy to try them on their grown up and
                 play with the big nose - honk, honk! 
                       “Grandpa’s nose” she said.
     feb 27 004  feb 27 007
            Exploring a mirror -  How does it work? 
What fun can we have with it?  What if I hold it this way or that way?
      feb 27 001
     This morning Seuss opened our eyes to more learning
                        and more possibilities.