Monday, January 28, 2013

What Makes A Shadow

    jan 28 011          
Groundhog Day, it’s not a holiday but it’s one of
those occasions to have fun with. 
It gives us an opportunity to talk about weather
and hibernation. 
But I like to focus on shadows at this time.
   jan 28 008     
This morning when the children arrived and found their
picture to sign in they found this question;
“Can you see your shadow?”
   jan 28 015
Well of course they couldn’t because we were indoors. 
And knowing that our weather here, through the winter,
is often overcast and rainy I set up our own sun inside.
jan 28 006
The children enjoyed turning the light on and off
figuring out how the switch and the light are
Something we may focus on at another time. 
  jan 28 016
When the light was on we asked the question
and most older children could find their shadow
on the floor quite quickly. 
jan 28 007
For some of the younger children we had to show them. 
It was often easier to make a hand shadow puppet to
demonstrate how the light created the shadow.
  jan 28 017
This little guy is figuring it out for himself.