Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fingerpainting on Cellophane

I was given a bunch of used cellophane – the kind that you wrap flowers in – and today put it on the art table with paint.  The children loved it.
I also had some leftover hair gel that I thought would make the paint move smoothly on the cellophane.  We added a bit of sparkle to the gel but once we added paint it couldn’t be seen any longer.
We’ve been focusing on black and white this week so those were the two colours available.  This little girl giggled as she smeared the paint on the cellophane.
      This child's hands looked like they were ballet dancing.
              Such a fun way to exercise our finger muscles.
She painted a rainbow on the white paint then added black paint before making a print.
I was initially concerned that the cellophane would be too slippery but I noticed that the parents were engaged with their child’s painting by holding the cellophane in place.
                             Each print is beautifully unique.