Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Balls and Box is All you Need

I was given a bag of plastic balls for free.
I used one of our old boxes (it was our old pretend washing machine)
and cut a few new holes in it.
The basket worked great for collecting the balls
and carrying them around.
The holes on the sides allowed more than one child to play
and it challenged the children to bend, peek and stretch
to get the balls out.
The big hole on the top makes a great target for tossing the balls.
One morning I saw a family had incorporated these coloured bowls
into their play to sort the balls.
It inspired me to encourage others to try it.
This child discovered a different way to use the bowls with the balls.
He put one inside then held the bowls together and shook it.
Love how a simple toy can inspire a variety of play,
even peaceful moments.