Friday, February 17, 2017

Deciding What to Build

We had planned a city bus trip a couple of weeks ago but with
all the snow we received the trip had to be cancelled.
Since that time I had started thinking about introducing fire fighters
to our program.
But I wasn't sure if the children wanted to move on from the bus idea.
To see where their interest lays I did a survey.
The children had to pick between building a bus or a fire truck.
A couple of pages later the tally favoured a fire truck.
This morning we dug out a big box and started to transform it.
This is a really wide box so we will be able to have two drivers.
I know this doesn't represent a real fire truck 
but it's important to meet the needs of the children
and driving a truck is a high interest.
We pulled out some equipment to begin the play.
Next week we will decide what colour to paint the truck.
We will also visit a real fire station and learn more
about a fire truck.