Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Tray Play

First day back at school and in a new school.
It has been a fun day watching the families become with familiar with the new centre.
I'll post about the new centre soon.
But today I want to share our winter play trays.
Four trays are available to play with on this table but the most attractive to the children this morning involved marshmallows.
It was almost automatic for each child to want to eat the marshmallows but once explained that they were to play with them, they were okay with it.

I heard counting, saw matching marshmallows to circles and cups of hot chocolate.
As well as fine motor control by using the strawberry huller to pick up the marshmallows.
Here are quick pics of the other trays out today.
 snowglobes on a mirror,
scale with snowflakes.
I'm really hoping for snow soon.

Here is the worksheet.  Feel free to copy, paste and print.