Monday, November 9, 2015

Plastercine and the Dinosaurs

Last week as dinosaurs were introduced I set up an invitation to mould dinosaurs with plastercine.  Play dough is always available but I like to add other materials, such as plastercine, that can provide opportunities to strengthen their hands.
The first day the children did pinch and shape dinosaurs using the green and yellow
         I noticed, too, that the children started to use the dinosaurs as tools. 
Pressing them into the plastercine they could make footprints.  Or press it on other
                      parts of the body and see what impression was left.
But the favourite, that I saw over and over, was to add the plastercine to the
                      dinosaurs, as clothing, skin, necklaces and more.

So it didn’t matter what they were doing they were having fun and still working
                             those important muscles in their fingers.

Dino Antics Day 5

This morning we found the silly dinosaurs in the tub with the marble tree.    
          Brachiosaurus is tall enough to reach the top of the tree.
The other three stuck their tails and horns in the holes to block the marbles from
                               falling all the way down.
                      They stayed and played the rest of the morning.