Monday, January 9, 2012

Waterless Snowglobes

I've always wanted to make snowglobes with the children but usually cannot gather enough baby food or small jars for everyone.
I was at Michaels after Christmas and found these cute little snowmen ornaments at a great price.  
Perfect to fit in little plastic cups from the dollar store.
Yay all we needed to do was cut out a paper circle, glue and add glittery snow.

This is how we made them.
 Glue some more
We have been using glue guns a lot lately so the parents are becoming more comfortable allowing their children to use them.
This craft was a lot of fun to make together.
And the globes were fun to shake after they were complete.

Still no snow for us here.  We may have to go on a fieldtrip up the mountain to enjoy some snow.