Monday, January 22, 2018

First Play Tray - Birds

Last week I created a play tray for my grand daughter.
It was her first and I decided to make one about birds because her dad likes birds and shares that interest with her.
I kept it simple with pieces of wood and little, plastic bird figurines.
She liked the birds, especially when she heard me make bird noises.
But she showed more interest in the pieces of wood.
I involved myself a bit into her play here and incorporated the wood pieces and birds together.
She became more interested in the birds. 
Taking a good look at each of them.
She even made some of them fly around.
The next day I placed some dried moss in the bin to add a new texture.
I had found it when walking in the woods and
I thought it looked like a birds nest.
We continue our interests in birds when we go out for a walk.
So far we have heard a few different birds but have only seen crows.
She is learning to say "caa, caa".